The best classes to start with are Hot 26 and Candlelight Deep Stretch.  Hot 26 is a 26 posture series that will you give you an incredible workout, but moves at a pace that is slow and easy to follow.  Candlelight Deep Stretch focuses less on muscle sculpting and more on specific stretches.

Advanced Yoga

Intermediate Yoga

Beginning yoga

Once you have mastered the beginner and intermediate classes and you are ready to see what else is possible in your yoga practice then it's time for POWER! Our Power classes move quite a bit faster than the other classes offered and they bring the heat in a whole new way.  If you like a challenge, you'll love Power!

Those who are ready to switch it up a bit and move toward new challenges are ready for Hot Vinyasa and Hot 26 Flow.  Hot 26 Flow incorporates the same 26 postures as the beginner series with the addition of a fun push-up series to keep the heart rate up.  Hot Vinyasa is a creative flow that is different every time! 



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